Our Data Center

Here at Oxygen we’re experts in hosted solutions, Private Hosting options are available as well as Hybrid Cloud, Cloud Backup and Virtual Office solutions.

QuoVadis secure hosting facility (SHF) is regarded as the premier co-location in Bermuda. Commissioned in January 2011, the SHF is a state of the art, Tier-III designed production hosting facility designed for secure multi-tenant, unaccompanied access to client production hosted equipment. The Tier-III design ensures N+N redundancy for all critical facilities (power, cooling, and communications) to ensure that QuoVadis is able to offer clients a 100% uptime SLA.

Secure Hosting Facility Features:

Convenient Location

The SHF is located in Hamilton providing customers with a convenient location that they can access securely without having to schedule an appointment on a 365 x 7 x 24 basis

Power Distribution

All components of the power distribution have been designed with N+N redundancy for true A/B power supplied to each hosting rack. Some features of the power design include:

  • Belco supplied dual 1MVA power feeds serviced from independent infrastructure to ensure no single point of failure.
  • 850KW diesel powered generator facility with 7 day fuel tank and priority refuelling contracts.
  • Parallel electrical distribution and dual automatic transfer switches.
  • Dual 500KVA fault tolerant UPS systems
  • True A/B 3-Phase power distribution to each hosting rack up to 20KVA per rack.

Cooling Systems

The entire datacentre is designed with the latest cooling technologies to offer N+N redundancy combined with cooling density to match the 20KVA power profile of the hosting racks. Some features of the cooling plant design include:

  • Multiple 100 tonne chilled water plants designed for N+N redundancy.
  • Multiple redundant chiller pumps.
  • Multiple 70KW in row coolers to distribute the cooling function with N+N redundancy.

Security and Access Control

The SHF has been designed for customers requiring secure unaccompanied access to a production hosting facility. Features of the design include:

  • Proximity card access to the main SHF building; customers are provided with their own proximity cards for 365x7x24 access to the facility. All access logs are recorded for audit and compliance purposes.
  • Biometric access to the main SHF. Each authorized employee will have their fingerprint scanned into a biometric system to ensure only authorized personnel are granted access to the facility.
  • Each individual hosting rack is configured with proxy locks on the front and rear doors. Doors can only be opened using access cards and each opening create an event in a security log.
  • A CCTV surveillance system is installed to monitor all access to the SHF and to monitor the front and rear doors of all racks. All CCTV video is archived for six months.
  • A police background check is performed on all people requiring access to the SHF.
  • Realtime email alerting to customers each time a rack door is opened and closed.

Telecommunications and Connectivity

The SHF is serviced by all major local and international carriers to ensure flexibility for clients when designing their local and international connectivity requirements, the telecommunications design includes:

  • Quantum Communications fiber optic cable termination directly from the main Quantum fiber optic ring to the SHF main distribution rack within the datacentre.
  • Digicel/BTC fiber optic cable termination directly from the main BTC fiber optic network to the SHF main distribution rack within the datacentre.
  • OneCommc fiber optic cable termination directly from the main backbone ring to the SHF main distribution rack within the datacentre.
  • No shared conduits or cable paths for all carriers.
  • Each hosting rack is configured with Cat-6A shielded cabling to provide connectivity from carrier networks to client hosting racks and to provide rack to rack patching capability.
  • Modular plug and play Siemon datacentre cabling for high density fiber and copper rack to rack cable patching.
  • A QuoVadis designed BGP wide area network with multiple international carriers for cost effective and resilient Internet telecommunications solutions.

Our Services

  • Private Cloud – Dedicated resources for added security and audit compliance
  • Hybrid Cloud – Combine on-premise and private cloud for a fully customized solution
  • Cloud Backup – Data backup to our Bermuda Data Center with guaranteed recovery
  • Virtual Office – Work from anywhere using application and data hosting in Bermuda


Why Choose Us?

Oxygen was an early adopter of cloud technology and has managed its existing Bermuda-based platform for almost a decade. This experience allows us to better understand your business needs and recommend best-fit technology solutions which match your budget.

Oxygen is the only cloud provider that owns and supports the data center equipment, the virtual infrastructure and the underlying solution, including full support of the operating systems and applications. This end to end approach provides you with a single point of contact for all your technology needs and maximizes overall cost-savings for your business.