Disaster Recovery Planning

The majority of companies would fail in the event of permanently losing their IT systems and data. Disaster Recovery Planning is a vital insurance policy to ensure that the biggest risk to your business is mitigated.

Our planning service works with you to ensure that your critical IT systems, and hence your business, will continue to function in the event of a disaster.

Who is this for?

Disaster Recovery planning is essential for all businesses that have any reliance on IT. This is more prevalent when operating in Bermuda due to the known risk of hurricanes causing widespread damage and affecting key infrastructure and utilities.

What do we do?

Our consultants work with you to fully understand your DR requirements. The immediate considerations when carrying out a review are:

Recovery Point Objective – If data needs to be recovered, what is the maximum acceptable age for these files. For example, could you lose a day’s worth of data and restore from the previous night’s backup?

Recovery Time Objective – The time required to recover back to an operational state. This could be recovering data or a complete IT system. Can you afford for your business to be non-operational whilst you wait for recovery to take place?

Location – Do you require additional reassurance by having DR solutions available off island.

Testing – A DR plan involves two major components – technology and people. People do not always react as expected under pressure and in challenging situations. It is essential to test your DR plan on a regular basis to ensure that it works as expected. We work with you to facilitate both planned and unplanned tests, measuring both technical and people performance.

Our consultants will use this information to produce a cost-effective solution and deliver a fully documented DR solution and plan.

Why Oxygen?

  • Having our own on island data center facility allows us to offer a wide range of cost-efficient DR services.
  • Our consultants have years of experience designing DR solutions – working with both small businesses through to large financial organizations requiring zero downtime, real-time offsite data replication, and automatic failover.
  • We have operated in Bermuda since 2006 and have excellent local knowledge.