IPCortex systems support any SIP compliant handset and automatically configures over 100 different handset models from multiple vendors. Simply connect the handset to the network and the IPCortex system will automatically configure the phone ready for use.

Your Options

Desk Phones – A selection of monochrome or color display handsets. All handsets support multiple lines and three way calling.

Receptionist – Modern receptionist phones support multiple digital display sidecars which display all extensions in real time, allowing the receptionist to see if an extension is already busy and perform a transfer simply by pressing a single button.

Cordless – Multiple cordless handsets are available offering full flexibility and coverage throughout your office.

Meeting Room – Meeting room phones are equipped with 360 degree microphones and additional noise cancelling functionality. Satellite microphones are available to extend coverage in larger rooms.

Entry Phones – Door entry systems can be configured to call a single or multiple phones at once. The door can be opened by simply entering the correct pin code from your handset. Certain models also allow video to be displayed on your color desk phone display.

Softphones – Any SIP complaint softphone can be connected to the phone system. Softphones are available for all major platforms including PC / Mac / Apple IPhone /Android and Windows Mobile. We recommend the use of Groundwire which can be downloaded below.

Download Groundwire from the Apple App Store

Download Groundwire from GooglePlay