Business Continuity Planning

BCP covers the processes and procedures carried out by a company to ensure that critical business functions continue to operate during and after a disaster.

It is important for companies to have both Disaster Recovery plans and Business Continuity plans. Without such plans, your company may face the real risk of financial collapse in the event of a disaster.

Our planning service works with you to develop and test a full business continuity plan.

Who is this for?

Business Continuity Planning is essential for all businesses that have any reliance on IT. This is more prevalent when operating in Bermuda due to the known risk of hurricanes causing widespread damage and affecting key infrastructure and utilities.

Our consultants work with you to fully understand your business and BCP requirements. Key areas include:

  • Identification of critical personnel
  • Staff communication and cascade lists.
  • Validation and/or documentation of key business processes
  • Identify and document mitigation procedures for each individual point of failure.
  • Recovery of vital records
  • Contact process for key vendors and clients

Why we are different

Our consultants are industry veterans who remain current in technologies and industry trends.
Our continual improvement process includes :

  • Regular strategy and roadmap meetings with key market players including Microsoft, Cisco, VMware and Above Security.
  • Attending leading international conferences.
  • Working in key positions within industry, up to CIO level.
  • Access to Gartner research papers.