Looking for a new IT Provider?

Changing your IT provider to Oxygen is simple and risk free with our comprehensive migration service and satisfaction guarantee.


Why Prolong the Pain?

If your current IT provider is not living up to your expectations, then don’t let the daunting idea of migrating to another provider keep you from switching.  Oxygen performs a comprehensive review of your requirements and creates a clear and thorough migration strategy that is risk and hassle free, allowing your company to move forward with confidence and peace of mind.

Oxygen does all of the work…

Switching to Oxygen is managed by your dedicated Migration specialist who installs our advanced monitoring tools to provide detailed reporting and proactive issue resolution.  The specialist performs a comprehensive investigation of your entire IT environment, auditing your system through photographing and cataloging your equipment.  We work directly with your existing IT vendor to seamlessly switch you over after an agreed upon overlap period.


…and bear all of the risk


Our Migration service guarantee provides you with the reassurance to change your IT services provider in a fully managed and risk-free way.  If you are unhappy with our Migration service after 3 months, we’ll give you your money back and return your system to the way we found it at no additional charge.